The piano keys are black or white, but they create a million colors in your mind.
​Marina Christina Mena

              ​GIVE          MUSIC          LIFE                  ​​

To learn more about how to get started in piano studies, scheduling, and pricing, please feel free to contact me at the link below. 
​Private Lesson: ​Students receive private lessons taylored to their individual interests and skills.

​Playing Classes: ​Monthly playing classes offered provide students with the opportunity peform in a casual and non-threatening environment.  They also provide an opportunity to engage with other students through fun and enjoyable activities that enhance what is learned in private lessons.

​Music Theory: ​Students gain knowledge in the foundational tools of music that allow them to enjoy music as a recreational vehicle for relaxation, in performance, and in the creativity of composing their own music.

​Technology Instruction: ​Through the use of technology, students gain hands on instruction in theory, sightreading, composition, history, and musicianship.  The use of technology brings music alive in ways that are fun and inventive.

​Musical Styles: ​Students enjoy the opportunity of learning various styles of music including but not limited to classical, jazz, musicals, folk, and pop.  Within these styles, students will learn music history and how to interpret music within the various musical styles.

​Assessment Programs: ​As a member of the MTNA, WSMTA, and the local chapter, opportunities for assessment allows both students and teacher to evaluate their progress by professional musicians.  Students may participate in studio recitals, festivals, competitions, and adjudications.

​Summer Camps: ​A variety of fun summer camps are offered to introduce children and adults to the world of music and assist in the advancement of musical knowledge and learning.  Please check back for information regarding upcoming camps.